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On behalf of the Executive Board of the Islamic Center of Peoria (ICP)

Assalam Aalaikum,

Two Ramadan ago, by the grace of Allah SWT, a small like-minded group of us, who remained dedicated to the presence of an Islamic Center in our community, convened and after careful consideration made a courageous and bold decision to proceed with acquiring land for this purpose. We believe that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a permanent Islamic Center in the Northwest Valley.
Our vision is to create a new purpose-built Islamic Center which will be the hub of all our Islamic activities eventually including daily prayers, an Islamic school and a community center with a social gathering hall. This permanent Islamic Center will be able to expand to serve our community as the population continues to grow in the Northwest Valley. This Center will be in a perfect high visibility location, with easy access through Happy Valley Road to many freeways, which will appeal to Muslims from a wide geographic area.
Toward this endeavor, we have already started the process of formulating, building, and establishing this Center that will be called the “Islamic Center of Peoria.” By Allah’s grace, we have made great progress so far in a short amount of time in obtaining legal counsel, creating architectural designs for the building, establishing a non-profit entity with the State of Arizona, and engaging in preliminary discussions with the City of Peoria. As you know, this is a major undertaking and we will need your consistent support in achieving this noble goal.
We are dedicated advocates of enhancing the understanding of Islam. We plan to spread the message of peace, humanitarianism, dignity, and respect with the development of community service programs that include feeding the poor and helping those in despair. Our aim is to engage in strong interfaith activities with the surrounding communities and promote a peaceful dialogue to dispel the negative impressions that have unfortunately been associated with our faith.
First and foremost, we believe in maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity as we move forward. Doing so, we kindly request all your continued support and help in bringing this project to a reality. Please remember that you are supporting and donating to a great cause in helping to establish a purpose-built Islamic Center which will serve the Muslim community for many years to come. This is an opportunity for a fresh start and to truly embark on a journey where we will look to establish a bright future for our children and community for generations to come.
We strongly encourage the whole community to kindly register to offer your much needed support and donations. Additional information will be made available to the community as this project proceeds further.
With Allah’s blessings and the hard work of this community we believe this dream can become a reality sooner rather than later.

JAK and Sincerely,
Executive Board of the Islamic Center of Peoria

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(Peace Be Upon You)